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Lisa Ann Homic
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How To Use Xtreme X2O
Transforming your water with Xtreme X2O is easy. This video will show you how.
Got Minerals?
In this demonstration we show evidence of how Xtreme X2O adds vital minerals & electrolytes to your water in just a matter of minutes.
How Acidic is Soda?
This video demonstration gives you an idea of just how hard your body must work to neutralize the acids in an acidic beverage like soda.
pH Power!
In this demonstration you’ll see how Xtreme X2O dramatically raises the alkalinity level of your water.
Say “No” to Chlorine.
In this video you’ll witness one of the ways Xtreme X2O can greatly improve the quality of standard “tap water” by neutralizing the chlorine typically found in tap water.

Leslie S.

Vandalia, MO


I have been on the product for 3 weeks and I feel wonderful. I have had stiffness in the finger joints for about 6 months. Now after 3 weeks of taking X2O my knuckles are feeling 100 percent better. I also have dropped 10 pounds off my weight.

Steven S.
Phoenix, AZ


I install commercial satellite systems in Phoenix, AZ. My first experience with Xooma's X2O was just yesterday. It happened to be 111 degrees in the shade. Immediately after consuming X2O, I experienced increased energy, which I had never felt in 111 degrees heat. Feeling sluggish and constantly dehydrated is the norm here in the summer. but I did not feel that way yesterday. (Much to my surprise.)

The only thing different about my day was the addition of Xooma's X2O. It kept me going STRONG until the job was finished. The increased stamina was incredible. In fact, the other two Techs working with me wanted to quit early and finish the next day since the heat wiped them out midway through the job. I just went ahead and finished it all on my own. Next time though, THEY are drinking X2O too and we are ALL getting out of this insane heat faster together. Thanks Xooma. When it comes to "beating the heat," X2O is this Arizonian's new "Best Friend."

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