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Swee S.
Country: USA
I am so pleased with Xtreme X2O. All my adult life I had been a very light sleeper. I thought I inherited this 'curse' from my mother until I started drinking X2O. My six year old daughter came up to me one morning and told me she came to my bedroom to tell me she had a bloody nose and I did't wake up so she went to her dad. I have never in my life not heard my children's little feet heading towards our bedroom while asleep. That was the first week using X2O. I slept so soundly I didn't hear her.

In the state of Idaho the air here is very dry and since i have moved here I developed a dry cough especially at night. I had always had a mug of water by my bed every night . After using X2O I am finally hydrated and I no longer need mug of water by my bed. The dry coughs are gone for good!

Two months into using X2O I noticed I looked slimmer in the mirror. I do water aerobics three times a week and I did lose some weight but I still had 10 to 20 pounds that I couldn't shed no matter how hard I exercise. Again X2O helped my lose that extra 20lbs I couldn't lose exercisng alone. I am back down to a size 6, which i hadn't been for the last 15 years!

My 18yr old daughter was diagnosed with high blood pressure but after using X2O, her blood pressure is regulated. It has been for over six months now.

My husband has also been off his thyroid medication for over six months now and his most recent lab test results still coming back normal, no meds needed!

Thank you so very much Xooma for creating Xtreme X2O!

Swee S.

Dorothy H.
State/Province:Elijay, GA
Country: USA
I have smoked cigarettes for more than 40 years.  Only once about 7 years ago - was I able to stop smoking for a year and a half, but eventually went back to smoking during a very stressful time in my life.  Needless to say - within 1 day I was right back smoking a half a pack a day.  I tried to quit several times since, but was never successful until recently.


After drinking Xtreme X2O for about a week, one morning I woke up and didn't have mu usual craving for a cigarette.  I decided to make another stab at quitting and planned it so that I finished my last cigarette right before going to bed.  The next morning I put on the nicotine patch and continued drinking my Xtreme X2O water.  A couple of times - I was really tempted, but I just drank more Xtreme X2O water and got through it.


I am still not smoking and I can honestly say - this was easy!  As a matter of fact, I didn't finish the entire two weeks worth of patches - I saved 3 (just in case I have an extreme craving).  Tomorrow will be 3 weeks - and no patches and no cravings.  Thank you, thank you, thank you - to the creator of Xooma.  It has helped me tremendously!

Name Witheld by request ..

I want to THANK Xooma Worldwide for coming into my life...

What I am about say is something that I am not happy about saying.  After using drugs for a while, it has come to my belief that this product has helped me to stay off of them and make my life better. Xtreme X2O has helped get my body back to what I would call 'normal'.

Once again, I want to thank Xtreme X2O and for what it has done for me.

Herbert B.
State/Province:Columbia, SC
Country: USA
On 1/31/1999, I awoke with a debilitating illness called Polymyalgia Rheumatica.  I had been to a number of doctors, but none of them helped me.  I was able to gain control of the symptoms with heavy dosages of Prednisone.  However, I still had a great deal of pain, especially in my feet.  

I could not walk more than a few hundred feet without the pain becoming almost unbearable.  I have, on numerous occasions, put my feet in a bath of ice and water in order to get some relief.  I received my shipment of Xtreme X20 on Tues. 11/1.  On Saturday, I awoke pain free for the first time in over 6 1/2 years, and have remained pain free since that date.

I have received other benefits as well from taking Xtreme X2O. I sleep much better which, may be due to not having the pain as before, which did kept me awake, sometimes for most of the night. I look at this product as a gift from God in answers to my prayers for better health and also as a way to regain my financial stability.

Chuck and Lori W.
State/Province:Canyon Lake, TX
Country: USA
Drinking Xtreme X2O has really helped us. Not only can I jog down the street now with no pain in my left knee, but Lori also has far less pain with her neck after several years due to car accidents.

This is the best part! My mother called yesterday and told me her checkup (due to a heart bypass last year) was great she is off of her blood thinner medication. In addition, her test for osteoporosis showed improved results. Her doctor said he had never seen that happen, and asked her what she was doing. She showed him the package of Xtreme X2O, and he told her to keep taking it!

Thanks Xooma! You’ve made an Xtreme difference in our lives.

Carol L.
State/Province:Lake Havasu City, AZ
Country: USA
The first day my husband started using Xtreme X2O he went to the toilet at least 3 times and moved his bowels. He said at the end of the day, he seemed to be feeling better from his pneumonia which had kept lingering. That night I noticed he was sleeping more soundly with little to no rattling and wheezing in his chest. All this from two bottles of the Xtreme X2O treated water.

It is now 2 weeks later and I can’t believe this little bag is creating the dramatic turn around in my husband’s condition. He has emphysema and is still recovering from a cancer treatment he had 3 years ago and has been in remission for 2 years now. His immune system still hasn’t recovered and he is still subject to any little ailment that goes around.

In the 2 weeks of my husband starting with the Xtreme X2O treated water his pneumonia appears to have cleared up. He acts like he has more energy, smiles more often, and has a more positive outlook. He hasn’t had to use his oxygen tank once to support his breathing which he had to do quite often before.

We went for his regular checkup with our Pulmonary Disease Specialist last week and after the test found the oxygen saturation in his system steadied at 98%. It is usually around 93%. My husband hadn’t used the oxygen tank for a week or so before the test and didn’t have to use it when we returned to the car or back home which is the usual practice after an outing into town.

Understandably the doctor was curious as to why the big improvement and asked for more information on Xtreme X2O. I was prompted to record these experiences after realizing my husband and our grandson, who is sleeping over for the weekend, were out in the garage this morning cleaning, sorting and tidying up. With what I’m used to seeing, he should have been exhausted and laid out flat after yesterday’s pulling weeds and other things, with our grandson helping, from 10am to about 4pm.

I just find it hard to believe that a product like Xtreme X2O could make such a big difference in a person’s life in such a sort period of time. I would not have ever believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. My husband has just mentioned that he’s not out of breath or doesn’t feel drained out. He’s tired but not exhausted and when breathing in deeply he’s not coughing or choking. Our grandson who is 16 years old can’t believe it is his real pop. My husband had turned into a very skeptical man since his chronic illnesses and hasn’t given much credit to anything that could help his condition. With the Xtreme X2O though, from the first day, he has been saying that he thinks this little bag is doing him good.

Graham T.
State/Province:Traralgon, Victoria
Country: Australia
I have been using Xtreme X2O since January 2006. I had just been discharged from the hospital after suffering from a fall. Even with help from my wife Norma, I could not get off the floor, so my wife called for the ambulance & off I went to hospital where they immediately put me on an Intravenous Drip. I was that weak from dehydration. My doctor has been at me for quite some time to drink at least 2 Litres of water per day, but I could not come to drinking water, especially in the quantities my doctor was advocating.

I mainly drank tea, coffee, tonic water, soda water and orange juice. My Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar was all over the place. My first order of Xtreme X2O arrived on the day I was discharged from Hospital, so I mixed up my first batch of Xtreme X2O and now that is all I drink.

At last my Doctor is happier with me because my Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure readings have stabilized. Needless to say I am EXTREMELY X2O happy with the product and would recommend it to all.

Chuck F.
State/Province:Spokane Valley, WA
Country: USA
Recently, my nephew called me up and told me he was drinking fortified water and it was helping him out with his arthritis.  I really didn't pay much attention to him until he called me the 4th time and offered to buy my lunch.  I should have suspected something was up but he caught me off guard and I couldn't pass up a free lunch.

I noticed that he wasn't drinking soda with his sandwich; as a matter of fact he had his own bottle of water. I had to ask why he wasn't drinking soda and why he was drinking all that water.  It really turned out to be one of the best things that's happened to me in several years, and here’s why…

26 years ago I shattered my right ankle. It took a year and a half for doctors to put my ankle back together enough to allow me to walk on it.  However, it swells up and looks like an elephant's leg and I was never without pain.  Didn't matter whether I was standing, walking, sitting or lying down.  I always had pain.  It was worse when I would walk for more than 15 or 20 minutes at a time, I could never stand on a ladder and often had to use a cane.

I received my package of Xtreme X2O on a Monday and started drinking it on Tuesday.  On the following Friday morning, 4 days later, I was out shoveling dirt off my pickup truck.  That was the first time in 26 years that I was without pain.  I stayed out in the garden working until 6:00.  I had no pain.  When we quit work we came up to the garage area and I stomped the dirt off my left foot.  I would normally scrape off my right shoe but I had no pain and I wondered, "Could I actually stomp my right foot"?  Yes, I could.  I started gently and had no pain.  I stomped it harder and harder and had no pain. No matter how hard I stomped my foot, I had no pain.

I just finished painting my house this fall.  I was on a ladder for hours at a time with no pain. I now understand the difference is between being acidic and alkaline and I owe it all to Xtreme X2O. 

Ed S.
State/Province:Luray, Va
Country: USA
I Started with Xtreme X2O 2 weeks ago and received my starter package the other day. I tried it immediately and my chronic stomach problems are ALL GONE!! Xtreme X2O can save me big $$ in place of O.T.C. stomach remedies. THANKS XOOMA!!!

Lorene S.
State/Province:Boise, ID
Country: USA
Several months ago I was involved in a serious auto accident. In addition to broken bones, my internal organs suffered deep "bruising". As a result of the damage to my intestines, my bowels would not function as they had prior to the accident. I was taking an herbal remedy to promote regularity at least twice weekly.

I have been drinking my Xtreme X20 treated water for a little over a month now, and I am completely off my herbal remedy. I don't understand it, but I am not debating the results.

This is an exceptional product.

Ron V.
State/Province:Visalia, Ca
Country: USA
I live in the San Joaquin Valley in California and we have lots of agriculture.  At the end of summer around August/September they start the English Walnut harvest. It creates an enormous amount of dust pollution in our atmosphere.  This pollution along with other polluting agents, like harvesting corn, defoliating cotton and even the pollution from thousands of milk cows, blankets the valley.

We all have to breathe air that causes upper respiratory problems for many people.  The majority of people living here from children to seniors suffer with some form of allergy problems; asthma, sinusitis, headache and even sinus infections, which can be very debilitating. 

I am usually affected badly enough to have to be checked by a doctor once or twice during this time of the year and treat the problems with antibiotics. It was different for me this year, not one doctor's appointment was necessary! 

I normally take prescription allergy medicine but haven't needed any yet.  I sneezed a few times, but that was all. No infections this year, not even a headache. 

The harvest season is over and the only thing I changed or did different this year was drink Xtreme X2O everyday. 

I rest better at night and generally feel better throughout the day than I have in years past. 

I feel that drinking Xtreme X2O is the biggest reason for my better health because I haven't changed anything else. Now I will never be without it for sure.

Adam J.
State/Province:Shenley, Hert
Country: United Kingdom
Xtreme X2O is a totally unique product that everyone should be taking to safeguard their health and wellbeing. It offers several key health benefits including hydrating, mineralizing and alkalizing the body.

Researchers have demonstrated that Xtreme X2O is light years ahead of any other product on the market, It is literally in a class of its own and at the cutting edge of research breakthroughs in the health care field. I know of no other product that can offer such dramatic improvements in our health and wellbeing.

I recommend Xtreme X2O wholeheartedly to anyone who is seriously concerned about their health. The Company encourages consumers to become informed about important issues that impact our lives, and is committed to helping people get more from their lives.

Robyn Y.
State/Province:Bexleyheath, KENT
Country: UK
"Being Ph balanced is one of my top health priorities. I was thrilled to finally find a company that gives so much for so little. Xooma is truly a breath of fresh air."

Denise V.
State/Province:Westfield, NJ
Country: USA
I highly recommend Xtreme X2O.  It has helped tremendously with my allergic reaction to cats.  I am asthmatic so being in the same room with a cat for a period of time has always been a problem for me. 

After 2 months of taking Xtreme X2O in my water, I was able to wrap myself in a blanket that had cat hair on it (the same cats that I have previously had an allergy reaction to prior to taking X2O) without having an asthma attack or an allergy reaction of any kind.  I was amazed. 

Additionally, I am post bariatric and was losing an extreme amount of hair 3 months post operatively as a result of a huge amount of weight loss.  As it turns out, the doctor said my hair would stop falling out at the year mark when my body stabilizes.  I am happy to say 6.5 months post operatively my hair has stopped coming out in clumps.  It is no longer dry and brittle, and looks healthy and shiny and is growing back beautifully. 

Further my son has been diagnosed with ADHD and he takes Xtreme X2O in his water as well.  I have noticed, as has his teachers a shift in his attention span and his focusing; hence retaining more information, which has been reflected in his behavior and assignments.  Xtreme X2O has made a huge difference in our lives and I highly recommend it to anyone who is ready to take that leap for health, their life and their overall well being. 

J M.
Country: USA
I was introduced to Xooma products through a fellow coworker about two Months ago. Since that time, I have seen many very noticeable changes!

FIRST, I lost desire for caffeine products.  This includes coffee, tea and soda pop.  I noticed that the desire for it just was not there anymore! As a 'dependent' on the stimulant, each morning when I awoke, the first thing I did (as with many others), was to head for the coffee pot!  I abruptly just had no desire for it anymore.  Instead, I would drink Xtreme X2O water. I suffered no throbbing headaches or side effects, as well.  Also, I was not sluggish or tired, so I went into work feeling energized naturally.  

SECONDLY, I am sleeping better.  I no longer require as much sleep as needed before.

THIRDLY, I have less desire for sweets in my diet.  Some of those regular 'cravings' for goodies, donuts, pies, cookies, are gone. I do not have to eat as much food at a meal and do not go for 'second helpings'. I seem satisfied before the first helping of food is gone. This is helping considerably with my 'weight reduction' program. My doctor has praised me for losing more pounds!  Losing weight is not an easy thing to do.  But in drinking far more water now (over 8 glasses a day) and eating less food daily, I have been steadily losing weight - not lots, but some each week!

FOURTH, I have been told that I look soooo good!  They have told me that my complexion looks radiant. Those who know me well, have actually stepped back, taken a second look, and each have told me that I look the best they have seen me in years!

FIFTH, regarding several medical conditions, including high blood pressure and high cholesterol, there have been a few noticeable changes. As with many, I have been treated for many years for my illnesses, and have been on prescribed medications and a medical program through my doctor(s).  It has required monthly appointments to my primary medical provider in my area.  So, she sees me on a regular basis, and does blood work follow-ups, and goes over my medications each time!

In other words, she knows me well and my medical history.  When she tells me, "Wow, you are looking good, you are doing much better!" or, "There are apparent changes going on with you, I see it with the lab results....." believe me, I really take it to heart! Yes, I am still under that doctor's care regularly, and will continue to be, but with her monitoring me and with my making some changes in my diet, my eating plan and such, and now with taking Xooma consistently (as part of my plan for the new year), it just gives me more peace of mind, in knowing that I am 'getting better', that's all, I am 'getting better!'  And I am grateful!

My long search for a product that would possibly help me, has now ended. At this time in my life (I'm in my 50s) I have what I need with Xtreme X2O!

Lorraine W.
State/Province:Daytona Beach, FL
Country: USA
I am really excited about this wonderful product Xtreme X2O! We all know that we need to drink as much pure water as possible. After all, our bodies are 75% water and we need to be hydrated daily. Xtreme X2O not only hydrates better than regular bottled water, it adds the minerals that our body needs replenished each and every day if we are to remain


I've been using Xtreme X2O for only a month and I already am experiencing an increase in energy and a desire to get out and enjoy life to its fullest. This is truly special in my case because I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago and while I had gotten somewhat better, until Xtreme X2O, I lacked the energy I had before I became ill.

Recently, I was in a car accident that left my neck and back in bad shape. But I have noticed that they have even improved. I love Xtreme X2O and you will too. Just give it a try.

Patricia C.
State/Province:Victoria, BC
Country: Canada
I am so happy to have been introduced to Xtreme X20.  I have had a lifelong problem of dehydration.  I could drink several liters of water a day and when tested by health professionals the test results stated that I was still dehydrated. 

This problem left me with dull, dry, flaky skin.  When I read that Xtreme X20 makes "water wetter" and hydrated a person’s cells more efficiently I was anxious to try it.

In only two days after drinking water with a sachet of Xtreme X20, to my amazement, I saw a definite improvement in the health of my skin. It was no longer flaking.

Within a couple of weeks this I was no longer dehydrated, and I now have smooth, shiny, healthy looking skin.

I also love the taste of the water now because it tastes so clean and I actually feel that my body is cleaner. I also seem to have more energy.

I highly recommend that everyone use Xtreme X20.  For the price of a nice lunch we can keep our bodies alkaline for a month, a bargain for the chance of good health.

Barb P.
State/Province:Punxsutawney, Pa
Country: USA
To my surprise, I’ve been able to lose weight when I drink X2O and exercise. I didn't have to change my eating habits either. I went from 206 to190 pounds in just two in half months. In addition, I now have a lot more energy to do things.

Thank you!

Bert R.
State/Province:Hillsborough, NJ
Country: USA
I decided to start by using two sachets per day. After all, this was an experiment that I was performing on myself in order to evaluate the product and decide whether or not to further persue this venture. There is *no* way that I will push a product on my family and friends unless I totally believe in it.

 After the 3rd day of two sachets of Xtreme X2O per day, I noticed that good things were happening to me. My wife tells everyone of a wonderful change in my attitude. This alone is, as they say in the TV ad, *PRICELESS.*

Also, I went to my physician for a flu shot. The nurse took my blood pressure just as she always does. ( I have been on BP medication for several years.)  She was amazed that my blood pressure was lower than it had been in years.

I was so ecstatic over the changes and because I was taking two-a-day, I ran out after 15 days. That's when the reality of it all hit me. I slid right back into that same tired, dragged out feeling that I was experiencing before I started using Xtreme X20. Not until I ran out of the product did I realize what a change it had made in me.

Again, thank you very much for introducing me to Xtreme X20. My wish is that everyone will feel as great as I feel."

Edmond K.
Country: USA
I would like to say this is one product that I like using and also enjoying sharing my friends and co-workers and just about anybody that I can introduce this product to.

Awhile back I was having after just about every time I eat something that had alittle pepper or seasoning in I was living on Alka-Seltzer to much. Since been on X2O for about alittle over two months, I found that I don't need the Alka-Seltzer to get me through the day/night.

I drive 18 wheeler for a living it's also increased my oxygen level and I can do alot more than I use to have problems with. I drive about 3 to 4 hundreds miles a day 7days week and that day don't end on Sunday.


Craig H.
State/Province:Western Australia
Country: Australia
I have so much more energy , I feel 10 years younger , I am back surfing and cant wait for tomorrow , Iam loving life more than I have in the larst 10 years. The only thing Iam doing different is drinking X20 in my water. Thanks Xooma for X20.

Marilyn W.
State/Province:Muskogee, OK
Country: USA
I was in excruciating pain couldn't stand up straight, I called the doctor they told me I had Kidney Stones. So I began research regarding natural remedies for this ailment.

I simply read the contents of such remedies, and the overall result was to increase your mineral intake with mostly calcium, magnesium, and potassium and to raise your pH level along with 2 liters of water. It made me think I already have this remedy in X2O.

I used X2O in a liter bottle. I drank two bottles with X2O and it immediately eased my pain. I woke up this morning feeling back to normal again.

I am amazed at this product and its abilities to help with my particular health issue. It's sure better than a day or two in the hospital.

Douglas S.
State/Province:Grove, OK
Country: USA
When I was about 14 years old I started getting warts on my right hand. At first there was only one and in the next few months I had over ten warts on both hands - 17 in all.

I had all 17 warts frozen with nitrous oxide four times over a two-month span and no results. I then went back to the same doctor and asked him if there were any other option that I could try and he told me that he could cut them off. The very next week they had all grown back and I had three more.

I had to quit the wrestling team because the coaches thought that the warts might be contagious. By the time I was 15 years old I had seen three different doctors, had all of my warts frozen, burnt, and cut off at least four times and they were still on my hand and getting bigger. I finally decided to give up on removal and learned to live with them.

I am 21 years old now and I have been on the X2O for a little over a month, and my warts are all but gone I have watched the warts literally fall off on their own and the only thing I have done different is use four X2O sachets per day. This product has changed my life in many different aspects, not only with my warts but also with my financial situation.

Thank you very much. God bless

Mitch M.
State/Province:Midland, MI
Country: USA
I have been an athlete all my life, playing most every sport known to man. I love to run and lift weights. I have lifted weights since I was ten years old and I still run and lift weights now at age 63.

I continued to play sports after high school and while in the Army and city league sports. In my early 30`s, I started competing in Power lifting and in my 40`s went on to become a World Masters Power lifting Champion in the 242lb. body weight class. In the masters division, I set State, National and World Records, with lifts of over 750 lbs in the dead lift and squat. Hydration and electrolytes are very important when it comes to lifting heavy weights. I would have loved to have X2O back in those glory days.

I stopped competing in Power lifting on that level after age 48. I then continued to run and lift weights but not nearly as heavy as when I was competing at the international level.

The next 10 years of working out was getting harder and harder for me to keep up. I started slowing down and didn't really look forward to my workouts like I had in the past. And the aches and pains were getting worse.

I was having pain in my shoulders and ankles due to arthritis and my lungs would not give me the oxygen I needed to run like I wanted to.

When I discovered this product, I noticed right away that I had a huge increase in my lung capacity and the pain in my shoulders and ankles were starting to go away.

I started getting faster and stronger again. I wasn't really sure what was going on until I stopped taking the product for a while. As soon as I stopped taking it, I would be gasping for air and I would be sore from lifting. I now go to the gym and run my 200-meter sprints and work out with 300 lb. weights like I was 20 years old again. Before I was tired, sore and would be breathing very hard. Now, I breeze through my workouts and look forward to the next one with no aches or pains. I just consider it my secret weapon against old age.

I love competition, so my wife and I joined a runners club and started training for our 1st 5-K road race. We started running at least one 5-K race every month. We then went on to run in the world-renowned 10 mile Crim Race in Flint, Mi. and now we run in that race every year. We ran our 1st half Marathon [13.1 miles] in Detroit last October. We could have never done any of this without the help of the X2O.

We are now taking 3 times the amount we were taking before. So, now we have even more energy because we now use X2O in all the water that we drink all day long.

Name witheld by request.
I am so thrilled to send you my testimonial from taking X2O. I started my program just a couple of short weeks ago. I had torn the ligaments in my right knee and had had swelling in that knee for about 3 years. After only 5 days of taking the X2O product, the swelling in my knee has gone completely down. What a phenomenal thing! My energy is astounding and I am so excited about my future with Xooma.

Nick K.
State/Province:Spalding, LINC
Country: UK
I have been taking X2O now for about 6 days and I feel great. After taking it the first day within half an hour I felt the difference. The only way I can describe it is I felt very "refreshed." I have definatly noticed a boost in my energy levels, and a general feeling of well-being.

I am only drinking one bottle of X2O a day but will increase to two or more now that I have increased my shipment.

Xooma and X2O certainly get my seal of approval.

Louie M.
State/Province:Tacoma, WA
Country: USA
I was told X2O would give me lots of energy. But what got my attention is when I was told that the little tea bag that we put in water not only had 70+ minerals in it, but can raise your pH. When I received the X20, I placed one in my water bottle, and 15 minutes later I was feeling the energy I had when I was about 3 years old.

My wife Jean and I play racquetball 2 to 3 times per week. We play 3 games as hard as we can go, and we're not even tired thanks to X2O.

Jean .

I was very excited to try the X2O. I had been battling with cancer for the past 3 years. I felt great some days, and others I had no energy. When I received the X20 I instantly started craving more water. I had a short time of de-toxing, but now I have lots of energy. My counts are the best they have been in 3 years. I know when I run now, I do not have chronic pain as I had in the past. I will be drinking X20 when I'm 100!

Leslie S.
State/Province:Vandalia, MO
Country: USA
I have been on the product for 3 weeks and I feel wonderful. I have had stiffness in the finger joints for about 6 months. Now after 3 weeks of taking X2O my knuckles are feeling 100 percent better. I also have dropped 10 pounds off my weight.

Jimmy S.
State/Province:Midland, TX
Country: USA
I have had severe high blood pressure for years. Taking medication I was able to get it down to 150/100. I started taking X2O about 3 months ago. After about 1 month I had my wife check my blood pressure, it was 117/65. After 2 months I have totally quit all meds for 1 month and my blood pressure is still around 124/69. My wife was so impressed that she wanted to try it. She has type2 diabetes and they put her on blood pressure meds a few months ago. In about 3 weeks she has dropped her readings by about 15 numbers and she has cut her meds in half. Now we are working on the diabetes. We are happy campers.

Myra B.
State/Province:Clarklake, MI
Country: USA
I am a senior and although I'm pretty healthy I have my challenges just because of aging and all the toxins I have ingested. I have had an acid reflux problem for about a year and was on a strong Rx medicine, which I had to take every night. Only a few days after starting to drink X2O water I was able to stop the medication and have had no symptoms since. The other amazing benefit from drinking X2O is my hypertension problem. High blood pressure runs in my family, and for the past 7 years I have been on blood pressure medication. About a month after starting to drink X2O I noticed my blood pressure was getting lower and lower. So I cut the meds in half, and it's staying down, I may be able to stop the meds entirely! I am absolutely thrilled with these results, but I have also experienced increased energy and clarity in thinking. I know my blood is cleaner because of the X2O water and is flowing freely through my body.

Thank God for Xooma!

Mark B.
State/Province:Grove, OK
Country: USA
Within 15 minutes of drinking my X20 I could feel my focus coming together and a boost in my energy level. The summer months normally deplete me of energy. We are in the hottest summer we have had in years and I have felt great. The only thing I have changed is drinking X2O in my water. This is a winning product.

Martene E.
State/Province:Houston, TX
Country: USA
Wanted to let you know what has happened to me most recently. I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease, which doesn't have a know cure. Also due to genetics I am pre-disposed to high cholesterol and triglycerides. My cholesterol level has been over 400 for quite a while. Also experiencing the aches and pains that come with age.

I went back three weeks ago to have my tests run again, and specifically my liver enzymes. The enzyme test was normal and my cholesterol was at 200 and my triglycerides at 66. My bone density was the level for a thirty year old female. Not bad considering I am 33 years beyond that. The doctor was quite surprised in making the comparisons from just six months ago. The only thing different is X2O, which I drink 2-3 times per day.

Thanks Xooma for allowing me to be young and healthy again.

Libby .
Country: USA
Excerpt from a letter sent to a Xooma Member by their Health Practitioner:

I feel it is worth recording the results that I found when I was doing a SCIO treatment with you. As you know this is an awesome Biofeedback device yet it also gives out other excellent piece of information. Whenever I have treated you prior, it has always been slow to rectify to a satisfactory outcome, the minerals and amino acids always read low, you are dehydrated and in fact it has felt like I was wading through "sludge" as the SCIO was endeavoring to help change your body to a higher frequency. The items that have been of concern have been considerable and many even in the "danger" zone.

When I hooked you to the SCIO on Sunday, I was truly amazed at the difference in the results and for the next 1.5 hours I just kept exclaiming.... "Oh my goodness." Your calibrations were much higher, your reactance speed much faster and as a result you were able to change and rectify so much faster. The minerals and amino acids were nowhere near as depleted and no dehydration was recorded.

As we discussed, the only thing you have been doing differently is taking the X2O over the last FOUR days!!! You have also shared with me that your sleep is much deeper and calmer now. If ever I needed proof as to the efficacy of this product, I had just been shown it through your personal results.

Dr. Thomas M.
Country: USA
I have been drinking X2O just shy of a month and I have seen an overall benefit both internally and externally. I have had people ask me what I was doing different with my skin and hair because they look revitalized and give me a glow. I also noticed that drinking X2O helps with proper hydration internally. I take all sorts of vitamins and supplements and they help keep things moving on the inside, but X2O has helped both my wife and me to be more regular. My children love drinking the water. I posted a quote of mine on my website "X2O is water the way God meant it to be." And I believe this with all my heart.

Campbell S.
State/Province:Carine, WA
Country: Austrailia
After being involved in a near fatal car accident that smashed my right hip to pieces, I went from a hyper active 18 year old, to a procrastinating, lethargic, 120kg (260 lbs) stressed out computer blimp with two chins and a third on the way. I knew I had to exercise and keep healthy, I thought about it everyday. Even that was exhausting.

I joined several gyms, I would go for the initial appraisal and never go back. I tried dozens of the latest and greatest pills, potions and miracle juices with great enthusiasm and high expectations but was totally under whelmed by their ability to relieve me of my money, only. It was really difficult to motivate myself mainly because of arthritic pain, stiff hip, walking sticks and being grumpy most of the time. I was so grumpy, I would get depressed if I saw someone happy, I would treat them with great suspicion, wondering what they were on.

After 90 days of adding X2O to my water, I have managed to be at the gym, swimming and exercising everyday for the past two weeks. I now weigh 100kg (220lbs), I have lost my walking stick and have more flexibility in my hip.

People are telling me I look a whole lot happier and I now smile when I see a suspicious looking happy person. Truly a remarkable experience on my part and quite unexpected because I did not get the usual change your life miracle story from Xooma that I so often got with the juice and pill products. All I got was, "use this green bottle, fill it with water and put this baggy thing in it, its good stuff!" I didn't really expect anything with the mind blowing sales pitch "it's good stuff" but I did include it everyday, in my water and occasionally with my wine.

Now there's one place Xooma did make an immediate and noticeable difference in the wine. Just two bags in your cheap red & white wine bottle and try a taste test, it's amazing. It even shocked some of my wine expert buddies with the difference it made.

I have gone from a fat, lethargic, grumpy procrastinator, to an active, flexible, stress free, generally happy person. Who would think a tiny sachet of high-grade minerals the size of your pinkie could produce such remarkable results.

Kathi H.
State/Province:Puyallup, WA
Country: USA
I love this product. As a matter of fact my husband is on home life-support as a result of final stage emphysema, COPD, colon cancer and heart problems. He had to go to the hospital 11 days ago for a very very bad infection at the base of his cranium. They did several blood and urine tests his chemical balance for all of his electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, etc were all very bad. So, I started him on Xtreme X2O. He had to return to the hospital day before yesterday they did the same blood and urine tests on him again and they "ALL CAME OUT PERFECT". Further with his emphysema he requires oxygen 24 hours a day. He did not take it with him this time to the hospital so they checked his oxygen saturations he was at 94 % on room air (No Oxygen on). Prior to X2O he was only 74% on room air. His lung doctor is in a state of total shock as to what happened and is going to try the X2O for himself. He has never seen a patient's lungs heal enough to raise the O2 Sat levels like that he said in his 40-year history as a Critical Care Pulmonary doctor. I think this company and product are great!!!!!!!!

Tom D.
State/Province:Kildeer, IL
Country: USA
I am a diabetic and have had both feet amputated. I have had a big problem with it healing all the way. I have what the doctors call a 'skarkle foot.' I was having a lot of drainage from that tissue. In fact, there was so much drainage; I would be wet half way up my leg. The doctor was talking possible surgery to take out some more soft tissue. After drinking Xooma for 5 or 6 days, the drainage started getting to be less and less. Just a few short days and there was NO MORE drainage and my leg was pretty much healed up. I didn't change anything else in my diet, so must have been the X2O.

Steven S.
State/Province:Phoenix, AZ
Country: USA
I install commercial satellite systems in Phoenix, AZ. My first experience with Xooma's X2O was just yesterday. It happened to be 111 degrees in the shade. Immediately after consuming X2O, I experienced increased energy, which I had never felt in 111 degrees heat. Feeling sluggish and constantly dehydrated is the norm here in the summer. but I did not feel that way yesterday. (Much to my surprise.)

The only thing different about my day was the addition of Xooma's X2O. It kept me going STRONG until the job was finished. The increased stamina was incredible. In fact, the other two Techs working with me wanted to quit early and finish the next day since the heat wiped them out midway through the job. I just went ahead and finished it all on my own. Next time though, THEY are drinking X2O too and we are ALL getting out of this insane heat faster together. Thanks Xooma. When it comes to "beating the heat," X2O is this Arizonian's new "Best Friend."

Donna H.
State/Province:Sunrise, FL
Country: USA
Since my surgery a few months ago, I have been getting up at least four times during the night to change clothes because I would be drenched. I was constantly tired all day. The first night I took X2O, I slept all night without any night sweats and all day yesterday and today I had no hot flashes!! I am so excited.

Since taking X2O, I have been full of energy and not feeling that mild depressed "lull." I have tried so many different creams for these maddening hot flashes and I also asked my doctor to increase my hormone patch and


I was not expecting to get relief from this. Since I drink so much water. It made sense.

Well, now I'm telling everyone about it. even guys. I'm sure they know some woman who is looking for an answer. I will be forever grateful to God, Xooma and my 'telephone friend' Carl Boyer for sharing this information.

Gary G.
State/Province:Spring, TX
Country: USA
X2O is wonderful! I have been using the product everyday for almost 2 months and my circulation problems have improved dramatically! My wife also has told me I have that "sparkle" in my eye again. Thank you for a great product that is improving my life!

JoAnn G.
State/Province:Sebring, FL
Country: USA
After receiving my first order, I sent one packet to my grandson, a busy pre-med student and soccer player. I didn't hear from him, but he told his mom, "Wow, Grandma sent me some kind of AMESOME drink! I feel great! That was enough of a testimony for me. I am now telling my other grandchildren and their parents they NEED it

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